Ode to a Trampoline

When I mowed my yard today 
There was no trampoline in the way
Normally I drag it from its resting place
With sweat drops streaming down my face
Mow then move and mow then move
So each metal rail returns to its own groove

The lawn looks bare in that one spot
Regrets? you ask. There are not.
It's exerting to have such a heavy toy
But worth the sound of a laughing boy
Watch me, Papa. I can jump high.
I watched him bounce with an admiring eye.

That heavy toy went in a moving van
It's all part of the Father's plan
It is miles away with that family I love
But we are joined together by our good God above
May bouncing bring laughter in that new place
And lots of smiles to a little boy’s face

I’ve a circle of lawn that is thin and bare
I imagine faint giggles as I stand there
I now ponder that baren patch of yard
Such changes in life can be quite hard
But I thank the Lord for time well used
And cherished memories on which to muse

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